[cp-global] More cryptoparties in Berlin possible?

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Fri Aug 30 21:57:29 GMT 2013

Hi Mother and list,

When I got the request, my first impulse was to buy a train ticket and to go there. Two thoughts are holding me back: First of all, someone has to compensate my travel expenses. I'm travelling around a lot for the cryptoparty movement currently and my financial resources are limited. Secondly, it's good to get things started somehow, but after all there has to be someone to keep things going, and my current impression is that this is the main challenge. In our area we're following the idea of a "cryptoparty on tour" which basically means that we send some experienced crypto-angels to an event in order to give people an idea how to proceed later events. I don't think that this is necessary in Berlin. People know how to do it bi-monthly, so I guess they either need more staff or a location.

Best regards,

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