[CryptoParty] visualizing http traffic

ml at enteig.net ml at enteig.net
Fri May 17 20:24:17 GMT 2013


I know that Julian and Danja did some traffic sniffing at past 
cryptoparties to show the difference between plain-text and encrypted 

Now I want to recreate something like that, but my problem is that most 
of HTTP traffic is indeed not encrypted, but compressed. So when I run 
something like

# tcpdump -i wlan0 -s 0 -A -nn 'host localhost and (tcp port 80) or 
(tcp port 443)'

I can see the HTTP requests, but the pages contents are as illegible as 
anything else.

So is there an easy way to change that (and maybe even add a little 
color to the output)?



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