[cp-global] Germany: first CryptoParty Meta Meeting in Berlin

Hauke Laging hauke.laging at openpgp-schulungen.de
Sat Sep 28 17:23:12 GMT 2013


on November, 2nd we will have a new kind of CryptoParty event in Berlin: not 
for teaching the general public but for networking and motivating people who 
could easily become CryptoParty activists (instructors, organizers, people who 
can offer rooms or advertising or food or whatever we haven't thought of yet).

This event is targeted at people in Berlin but as this is probably the first 
event of this kind at all it may be interesting for activists elsewhere: If it 
becomes a success you may want to do something similar in your area. We will 
let you know.

Those of you who happen to know people of the kind we are looking for who live 
in Berlin can help us by pointing those at the event.

The linked pages are all in German only, though.

The official event page is:

The Facebook and Google+ event pages:

My proposal on which the event is based:

☺ http://www.openpgp-schulungen.de/
XMPP (Chat mit OTR): hauke.laging at googlemail.com
XMPP (Chat mit OTR): hauke.laging at jabber.ccc.de
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