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On May 15, 2018 12:09:00 AM GMT+02:00, Dawning Sun <dawning_sun at mailbox.org> wrote:
>since it's a bit more complicated than "GPG/PGP is broken" I'd like to
>start a thread with infos on the topic. Including what we can do
>already. I'm looking forward to more infos and links from others, too.
>=== What's going on? ===
>I found this thread by a crypto mathematician very helpful:
>Then there's been explanations/statements by:
>* GnuPG:
>* EFF:
>=== What can we do ? ===
>There's nothing to do if you're using Enigmail 2.0+ as it already
>includes fixes and/or workarounds:
>As a general rule disabling HTML helps to lower the chances of things
>going wrong. Here's how to do it in different clients:

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