[cp-global] Wiki editing permission // Repeating dates

yanosz cp-global at yanosz.net
Fri Nov 19 10:35:41 GMT 2021

Hei folks,

after a while, I tried editing

after logging in as yanosz, I get the notice:
"This page is read only. You can view the source, but not change it. Ask 
your administrator if you think this is wrong."

Well, that's strange. Looking at:
https://www.cryptoparty.in/organize/help-on-editing I logged in using 
the anonymous user. Editing works if doing so.

However, I'd prefer editing the wiki page using my regular credentials. 
This way, everybody in my local crypto-party group could see that it's 
me and contact me for question or comments.

Is this possible somehow? My account (yanosz) should be in the wiki for 

Furthermore, I'd to display upcoming dates of a re-occurring event 
(first Monday each month). Is there a way for doing so without entering 
each date?

I'd be great, if you could help me, here.


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