[cp-global] upcoming changes to the mailing list server

cryptoparty postmaster postmaster at cryptoparty.is
Wed Apr 20 19:09:16 GMT 2022

Hello all,

during the past years, very little time was spent on maintaining the 
server that hosts the cryptoparty mailing lists.

Until today, they still use the Mailman version 2 software, which is 
already deprecated, and it will no longer be supported later this year 
on the Debian operating system. This means a migration is mandatory.

I've looked into options, and Mailman version 3 is difficult to setup 
and maintain, it exceeds the time I have available to keep this project 
running. Instead, I intend to migrate to the mlmmj software, which I 
have been able to successfully implement on a test host.

Unfortunately, while inspecting the setup, additional issues were 
identified. The IP address of this mail server is currently on spam 
blacklists, and also Google currently is blocking all email delivery. I 
don't think there has ever been any spam sent through this server, but 
I've noticed a larger amount of subscription requests from apparent fake 
email addresses, which might have caused unwanted email traffic. In 
addition, none of the modern email protection mechanism SPF, DKIM and 
DMARC were set up for this host yet. The latter has now been fixed, but 
we're still on the blocklist, and it isn't obvious how soon we will get 
unblocked, if at all.

This means we're currently in bad shape, and some sort of repair action 
is required.

Given that we currently have very little traffic across all cryptoparty 
lists, it might be easiest to simply move the server to a fresh VPS 
using a fresh IP address, which currently isn't on any blacklist.

Please expect some outages and changes during the next days or weeks, 
while these changes are performed.

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