[LACryptoparty] Culver City Police Department - Automated License Plate Reader & Drone Program

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Some background that I found interesting:

This video <https://youtu.be/aJ-u7yDwC6g?t=1m27s> (link starts at 1:27)
shows a little bit of how LAPD is using license plate readers and Palantir
<http://www.palantir.com/>. This video
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=66&v=SFWCDUArMGs> (link starts
at 0:66) shows how a software system provided by the proposed ALPR hardware
vendor, Vigiliant Solutions <https://www.vigilantsolutions.com/>, enables
similar workflows.

CCPD adoption of ALPR would add to the collection that LAPD and LASD are
already conducting in their jurisdictions in LA County. From the proposed
"428.5 RELEASING ALPR DATA: The ALPR data may be shared with other law
enforcement or prosecutorial agencies for official law enforcement purposes
or as otherwise permitted by law..." According to CCPD Captain Sam Agaiby
the Vigilant Solution software enables departments to "'check a box' to
openly share the entirety of their local license plate catalog with every
other police department who checked that same box".


On Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 7:12 AM, Tim Schwartz <tim at timschwartz.org> wrote:

> Close to home in Culver City.
> There is a hearing next Tuesday, March 13th @ 5pm to discuss Culver City’s
> Police Departments proposed adoption of drones for automated data
> collection and automated license plate readers.
> See you there!
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> (Sharing the below message from Nash at Electronic Frontier Foundation
> inviting us to attend a hearing on March 13th. If you would like to learn
> more about Stop LAPD Spying's "No Drones!" campaign check out this link: <
> https://stoplapdspying.org/action/current-campaigns/drones> –Karly)
> ***
> Ken Montenegro just reached out to us about this hearing
> <https://local.nixle.com/alert/6431797/?sub_id=8275733> on the 13th
> regarding Culver City Police Department use of ALPR's and Drones.
> Ken and the folks at Stop LAPD Spying are trying to make sure that there
> is a strong presence of community members pushing back on these programs.
> Feel free to give me a call (321.544.9399 <(321)%20544-9399>) or send me
> a message via Signal with any questions. Ken (kmontenegro at comeuppance.net)
> is also happy to talk about their efforts to push back on these programs
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