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[cp-global] Recommended email client


does the CryptoParty community still recommend the Thunderbird software for OpenPGP encrypted email?

I know that it had been recommended in the past. But as you know, things have changed, and it wasn't possible to keep Enigmail alive and compatible with more recent Thunderbird versions. It was necessary to drop the separate Enigmail Add-on, and as a replacement, OpenPGP was integrated directly into Thunderbird. Because of licensing, it wasn't possible to integrate GnuPG into Thunderbird, it was necessary to switch to a different software library, and as a consequence it was necessary to manage keys separately from GnuPG.

Initially, with the release of Thunderbird 78 in 2020, I know there was some frustration amongst the previous Enigmail users. However, I hope that in the meantime the situation has improved with versions 91 and again with version 102, which was released this year.


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