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[cp-global] Tickets for 37C3

Hello everyone,

CCC published the Call-for-Participation yesterday [1] so it very much looks like 37C3 is happening this year. This also means ticket sales might start very soon. I have no details on what this year's mode will be but taking the last offline Congresses as reference ticket sales might include a round "for the community" where a vouchers is needed to buy a ticket. If that's the case again I might receive some vouchers soonish to spread amongst CryptoParty people.

**Please be aware this year's Congress will be back in Hamburg [2]**

# How Do I Get A Ticket Voucher?

Send me an email if you want one and I'll keep a list and pass vouchers around.

# Diversity

If you are from an under-represented group please let me know, too, if you like and I'll take it into account when I send out voucher codes. Lack of diversity is still an issue at most CCC events but at least we can to try to do something about it.

# Replicating Vouchers Info

IMPORTANT: Tickets tend to sell fast. So please be quick about buying (and paying!) your ticket once you received a voucher code!!!

In the past using a voucher code created another code once payment had been received by CCC. For this purpose you might be asked to provide an email address the new voucher will be sent to. Please use dawning_sun@xxxxxxxxxxx. This allows me to quickly send the new voucher to another person.

# Email Encryption

If you prefer to encrypt emails you can get my public key through WKD (e.g. integrated more recent versions of Thunderbird) or from here (generated today): https://keys.openpgp.org/vks/v1/by-fingerprint/377D929887AF3CF2200A08FF1DCF0D80FA78A2E3

My previous key can be used, too: https://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x1816EADCBA985D1E


[1] (english) https://content.events.ccc.de/cfp/37c3/index.en.html
[2] (german) https://www.ccc.de/de/updates/2022/37-chaos-communication-congress-in-hamburg

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[cp-global] 37C3 has been canceledDawning Sun (dawning_sun mailbox.org) via <global@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>