[cp-global] Crowd Funding a Crypto Manual aimed at small businesses.

Anna Morris gingerling at inventati.org
Fri Dec 13 19:01:50 GMT 2013

Hi guys, I am one of the peeps who organized CryptoParty-Mcr(.org) last
weekend. It went super well, next one being planned!

Anyway - this email is regarding a new crowdfunding campaign for a
Crypto manual aimed at small business:

The campaign launched today on a new Free Software crowd-funding site
called Open Funding, and the text will be on a GPL license so it can be
reused and shared freely (and the book is based on and will feed back
into the FlossManual about email Encryption)

You can donate anything over €1 to the manual, and even chose which
chapter you would like to fund the most! After the chapters are written,
you get to read the manual and suggest improvements/changes before you
finalize your donation :)

I blogged it out here:
with a discussion about Crowd Funding and Free Software such as GIMP.

Please share it with your friends, blogs, social media etc. Also it
would be cool if cryptoparty.in could promote it in a central way, if
people agree with the project. It's gonna be a great :)




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