[CryptoParty] new cryptoparty website

ml at enteig.net ml at enteig.net
Mon Jun 10 13:36:17 GMT 2013

On Thu, 6 Jun 2013, ml at enteig.net wrote:
> I wished the timeframe would have stayed a bit more elastic. I will drop you 
> (all) a line, when there is something.

There is something.

The startpage https://cryptoparty.informatick.net/index

The oldpage 

The menu (as a page) https://cryptoparty.informatick.net/sidebar

The template needs either further work or to be dumped, I'm willing to 
proceed on both. 

Is the general structure (the partition into "party", "learn", "discuss" 
and "spread" (or would "share" be better?)) worthwhile?

Let's this party started.


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