[CryptoParty] separate cryptoparty-admin list, no public archive, for forwarded inquiries

Kai Engert kaie at kuix.de
Thu Jun 27 13:25:44 GMT 2013


while migrating the old wiki into a new wiki (that is at the moment at
http://cryptoparty.in) it has been suggested via IRC to setup an
info at cryptoparty.* email address, to allow for easy inquiries to our

However, as 
- this existing mailing list has a public archive, 
- this list currently requires to be subscribed in order to post,
we believe that people, who send an inquiry to an info at cryptoparty.*
email address, should be shielded from having their inquiry be stored in
a public archive immediately and we are considering to introduce a
separate mailing list.

The proposal is to introduce a new and separate
  cryptoparty-admin at kuix.de
mailing list, which doesn't have any archive at all and which will allow
postings from non-members.

Once that's done, a forwarding email alias would be created from
info at cryptoparty.* to cryptoparty-admin at kuix.de

Also, the proposal is that anyone who has been active in any way related
cryptoparty may become a member of the new admin list, so you dont have
to be actually an admin of the servers, but one of the people who

For the purpose of transparency, we are announcing this suggestion here,
and we'd like to ask for your objections.

If there aren't any objections after 2 days, we'd go ahead with setting
up the list, and you may request to be added to the admin list by
sending a message to it.

Initial members of the admin list: samthetechie, mdik, gamambel, kaie,
sva, you?

We'll also setup an automatic responder on the admin mailing list, which
will explain that the public mailing list exists, how to find it, that
it has a public archive, and that everyone is strongly encouraged to
rather post to the public list.

This isn't an attempt for a private discussion list, it is just to
provide a contact for "normal people", as the whole topic got so
up-to-date these days. We intend to continue to discuss all
organizational matters in public.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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