[cp-global] Learning about Crypto and CryptoParties

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sat Nov 9 01:05:54 GMT 2013

Hi David: This is the place! (to learn about Cryptoparties, anyway).

Have a look at the Web site for a list of Cryptoparties that might be
close to you:  https://www.cryptoparty.in/location

If there's no Cryptoparty in your neighbourhood right now, contact your
local Linux User Group, who will most likely be thrilled to put on a

And if you can't find a LUG close to you, there are mailing lists to
help you learn the basics of GnuPG/PGP or TOR or OTR or any of the other
crypto technologies.

One list I know of for PGP (and GnuPG) is PGP-Basics:

I run the list for the KWCrypto Interest Group in Kitchener-Waterloo,
Ontario, Canada: http://sobac.com/kwcrypto  You're welcome to join that
list even if you're not from the KW area ;-)


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On 13-11-05 12:04 PM, David Eldridge wrote:
> I am interested in learning more about cryptography, CryptoParties, and
> 'encrypting the unwashed masses' (namely me, my friends, family, and
> others).
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