[cp-global] URGENT: report on franco-german TV ARTE

Simone Hoffmann hoffmann_simone at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 11 19:44:05 GMT 2013

Hi there, 

I'm a journalist for the franco-german TV network ARTE and I am preparing a report on surveillance by our governments, and more specifically how citizens can react towards that, protect themselves against the overall surveillance via internet, telephone or video-cameras. 

This report will be broadcast on our weekly show Yourope on ARTE 
http://www.arte.tv/sites/fr/yourope/ . 
Since my report has to be shot in France, I'd very much like to get in touch with people who organise cryptoparties in France, and more specifically in Paris. If ever there is someone I could get in touch with, I would really be very greatful. You can maybe spread the word on your network, or forward my email to the France-network, and they can get directly in touch with my either by email or by telephone on 06 23 34 43 62. 

Unfortunatedly, my request is quite urgent, since we will have to shoot this report this week, until latest the 18th of November. The report is going to be broadcast on November 30iest on ARTE. 

Thanks in advance for your kind help! 

All my very best 

cell : + 336 23 34 43 62
email: hoffmann_simone at hotmail.com 		 	   		  
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