[cp-global] instant PGP contactform

p + ppcrypto at yandex.com
Wed Jan 1 09:10:29 GMT 2014

> I stumbeled upon this service:
> https://encrypt.to/
> you can use it to make a pgp contactform
> eg:
> https://encrypt.to/nivatius@gmail.com
> for my adress.
> it uses openpgp.js , meaning JavaScript for client side encrypting the
> messages.
> the sourcode is open.
> what do you think about it?

Very interesting, and a cursory glance seems to indicate that it works
as advertised. It might be a step towards simple end-to-end encryption
for the masses.

I wonder how we can ensure that the site can be trusted, and not change
the way in which it works to intercept the message a la Hushmail:

There would appear to be no issue with the passphrase, but possibly with
the intercepting of cleartext.

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