[cp-global] use old computers with Linux as secure devices

Hauke Laging hauke.laging at openpgp-schulungen.de
Wed Jan 1 21:45:48 GMT 2014

Am Mi 01.01.2014, 21:04:17 schrieb Nivatius:
> I considered this too,
> but are you sure I whould provide more security then an a new linux
> machine?

Why should I be sure about that? I have not made such a claim.

> Don't you think as the NSA targets e.g. China with a quite old
> hardwarebase they whould have ways into that too?

I guess that the decision what your targets are does not depend so much on how 
accessible the targets are.

> Or do you advocate it for other reasons?

The obvious reason is that hardly anybody (except for companies) would buy a 
second (new) computer just to gain some security (just consider how many 
simpler and cheaper possibilities to gain some security people avoid).

But if somebody is going to throw or give away an old computer anyway then 
using it as a security improvement may be an attractive alternative to him.

Of course, there are many points which affect the security: Boot from a read-
only medium, use a flash with write protection and so on. This is just a first 
important step, easy enough to be taken by more or less everyone.


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