[cp-global] Städteverlinkung auf www.cryptoparty.in/location

Moritz moritz at headstrong.de
Fri Jan 3 09:32:54 GMT 2014

Hi Hauke,

global@ is the global cryptoparty mailinglist. Be it as it may, English
is the most widely accepted international language, and we should stick
to it on the international list.

We do have a German list that never really took off.

I agree and also don't like that political parties do Cryptoparties.
They can support Cryptoparties if they wish, but I really don't think
they should /run/ any. Be as it may, this is not a fight for me, I don't
see how we want to technically limit external links, and I don't think
it is a good suggestion even if it were feasible.

If /anyone/ comes across dead or otherwise non-working or constraining
links in the wiki, feel free to create a page for that city and move the
original link to that subpage as one possible address for Cryptoparties.

If we manage the wiki well and clean it up properly, this is nothing
that needs to be solved by Rules or Regulations.


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