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Fri Jan 3 12:31:58 GMT 2014

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On 03.01.2014 10:32, Moritz wrote:
> I agree and also don't like that political parties do
> Cryptoparties. They can support Cryptoparties if they wish, but I
> really don't think they should /run/ any.
I'm the Pirate from Heidelberg,Germany that ran a few Cryptoparties by
now. And I tell you something. The hackers failed miserably. I waited
after the revelations for them to do something. I asked them if they
need any help setting them up. I offered to work together with them.
And at least in heidelberg, they simply didn't deliver. at all.
So I and a few people from the RZL in Mannheim set up some Cryptoparties.

So I whould agree in that sense: political parties should not need to
run Cryptoparties. If we whouldn't have run them, there whould have
been none.

Also what people forget, there are a lot of areas where you need to
pay rent for a room, that money needs to come from somewhere. So just
saying cryptoparties need to be free and should not have any political
affiliations: check your privlidges.

Also supporting people in regaining their human right to privacy is a
political act. Cryptoparties are political.

We and I never said on a single event, that people should vote for us.
We just told them, we are the Pirateparty, these are the facts, this
is what you can do about it.
just not telling them that I'm a member of the piratepary whould have
been very intransparent.

> If /anyone/ comes across dead or otherwise non-working or
> constraining links in the wiki, feel free to create a page for that
> city and move the original link to that subpage as one possible
> address for Cryptoparties.
same here Hauke, just fix it if it's aproblem for you.
the reason we did it that way is simple: people don't what to click
through 12 pages until the found the information. so hotlinking isn't
the worst thing in the world. it makes sure the people that are not
nerds, the ones I want to reach, find the info they want.
> If we manage the wiki well and clean it up properly, this is
> nothing that needs to be solved by Rules or Regulations.

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