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Sloop sloop at cryptoparty.org
Wed Jan 8 04:34:06 GMT 2014

Hi everyone,

It's recently been noticed that I've made some changes to the
Cryptoparty.org website, including the addition of a new SSL certificate
and a one-line relaunch statement. Some may be curious about this, and
Malte has asked me to join the mailing list to discuss.

Last year I was too embroiled in my work and other projects to work at
all on Cryptoparty. I would like this year to be different, by
rejuvenating the site, making the work already done by many others more
accessible, and additionally adding some features.

As a breakdown, some of my thoughts are:

* An anonymous meetup.com-like system for creating, requesting, and
marking attendance to Cryptoparties. I do not believe the use of Wikis
for this is accessible or the most efficient means of creating
gatherings for a primary audience of non-technical people.

* Comprehensive list of resources

* Creation of a full suite of learning materials, in an Open Tech School
like manner

* Forums

* Possible future services such as free Riseup like email services
hosted outside of US datacentres

* TOR exit node(s)

>From my perspective if Cryptoparties are about teaching, creating
dialogue, pooling resources, learning, etc, perhaps we can also use the
medium to also contribute network services (email, TOR, etc) to the
community in some manner.

Malte suggested wildcard domains, ie. pl.cryptoparty.org,
de.cryptoparty.org etc to provide different countries with their own
Wikis. I'm not opposed to this idea, but my only thoughts are about
fragmentation and confusion for end users - if we were to assume a
global Cryptoparty 'management' system existed (to create/attend/request
parties), what kind of information would be on a country-specific site
that should not be in a global unified place (assuming multi-lingual
capabilities were part of development from the beginning)? Again I'm not
opposed to the idea, I'm just interested in understanding the

I understand the decentralised ideology and the danger of a completely
centralised 'portal' if you like, but, I'm also wary of the Cryptoparty
message being confined to a primarily technical audience.

I don't mean to barge in on everyone, I do know considerable work has
been going on. I do feel as though the climate is right to re-arm
Cryptoparty, and I'd like to add some energy.



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