[cp-global] Cryptoparty.org

Kai Engert kaie at kuix.de
Wed Jan 8 11:16:43 GMT 2014

Dear sloop,

thanks for your message. It's great that you are in control of the
cryptoparty.org domain, which we had considered to be lost in the past.
You also present a lot of great ideas that deserve further discussion
and support, and I wish for a productive collaboration.

However, while those plans wait to be done, may I suggest some immediate
tweaks to the cryptoparty.org content?

The problem I'd like to solve is: People might follow old links to
cryptoparty.org. Until recently, they got redirected to the site where
the current content lives. With the current static page, that content is
no longer discoverable. Also, old deep links result in an 404 error

Here are two suggestions, which are really quick to do, and which I
believe would help a lot:

(1) add a link to the cryptoparty.in page to make the other content
easily discoverable. I've prepared a file for you, which you could save
as index.html on your webspace:

<p>Cryptoparty.org is relaunching in 2014.
<p>To access other Cryptoparty resources, please visit <a

(2) add an 404 error page on your apache server installation, to
redirect unavailable deep links to your homepage. You probably could do
so by creating a file named .htaccess (next to the index.html file),
containing the following single line:

ErrorDocument 404 /index.html

Thanks a lot for considering, welcome back, and I'm looking forward to
work with you.
Best Regards

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