[cp-global] Cryptoparty.org

Moritz moritz at headstrong.de
Thu Jan 9 00:03:38 GMT 2014

On 01/08/2014 05:34 AM, Sloop wrote:
> It's recently been noticed that I've made some changes to the
> Cryptoparty.org website, including the addition of a new SSL certificate
> and a one-line relaunch statement. Some may be curious about this, and
> Malte has asked me to join the mailing list to discuss. [...]

Great, welcome back!

It looks like you're armed with a lot of ideas and energy! Excellent.
Where are you based? Maybe you can hold a local meeting and discuss
infrastructure, similarly to what we did at various conferences over the
past year. After all, we would already have country-specific websites
and mailinglists, if it weren't for my reluctance to use cryptoparty.in
and not wait for the .org to reappear -- which it did now! :-) The
infrastructure is basically ready to be used.

That said, it would be really nice if you could (for now!) forward the
.org to .in, or at least link to it -- or, ideally, point your A records
to the existing wiki so we can immediately reinstate cryptoparty.org as
the main URL.

> * An anonymous meetup.com-like system for creating, requesting, and
> marking attendance to Cryptoparties. I do not believe the use of Wikis
> for this is accessible or the most efficient means of creating
> gatherings for a primary audience of non-technical people.

As Johannes pointed out, he put considerable amount into developing such
an event platform. It is not deployed, but the code is available at
https://github.com/cryptoparty/cryptoparty.in (including an old
screenshot). If you're interested, we can work on finally getting this
off the ground. Or do you have something else in mind?

> From my perspective if Cryptoparties are about teaching, creating
> dialogue, pooling resources, learning, etc, perhaps we can also use the
> medium to also contribute network services (email, TOR, etc) to the
> community in some manner.

Not sure if it really good or necessary to put too many activities under
one name. I think Cryptoparty is about cryptoparties. That said, I run a
Tor exit relay on the machine that hosts cryptoparty.in -- but "not
using my Cryptoparty hat".

> Malte suggested wildcard domains, ie. pl.cryptoparty.org,
> de.cryptoparty.org etc to provide different countries with their own
> Wikis. I'm not opposed to this idea, but my only thoughts are about
> fragmentation and confusion for end users - if we were to assume a
> global Cryptoparty 'management' system existed (to create/attend/request
> parties), what kind of information would be on a country-specific site
> that should not be in a global unified place (assuming multi-lingual
> capabilities were part of development from the beginning)? Again I'm not
> opposed to the idea, I'm just interested in understanding the
> use-case/benefit.

I believe a "multilanguage website" does not properly address the
different facets that exist, and the different strengths and foci one
country might have over the other. Cryptoparty, after all, is about
parties, actual physical meetings. Psychologically, local groups might
be more interested in running "their own", similar to what your thoughts
seem to be (otherwise you would just point the A records at the
currently deployed wiki). I don't believe you can or should put 196
countries under one hood.

Subdomains are only the first "template" step. The second step is, as a
healthy local community, to host the stuff there, so we don't *again*
lose all wikis just because some hardware breaks, or someone disappears. :)

The event calender component, I agree, should (and is) usable worldwide
to add parties. Let me turn your argument around: I just don't see any
necessity to put it all in one central place. That's what a great mind
came up with hyperlinks for.


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