[cp-global] Cryptoparty.org

Sloop sloop at cryptoparty.org
Thu Jan 9 01:59:16 GMT 2014

On 9/01/2014 11:03 am, Moritz wrote:
> As Johannes pointed out, he put considerable amount into developing such
> an event platform. It is not deployed, but the code is available at
> https://github.com/cryptoparty/cryptoparty.in (including an old
> screenshot). If you're interested, we can work on finally getting this
> off the ground. Or do you have something else in mind?
This is awesome, and exactly the kind of thing I had in mind. I'm
unfamiliar with Python development, but I will attempt to get this
running and we can go from there. Does Johannes/others involved in the
webapp have the mental bandwidth to make changes, improvements, keep
working on it, etc? I would happily contribute to it but the Python
learning curve will slow me down - I could also reach out to the
community here in Melbourne to come over to Electron Workshop and work
on the code - this may be advantages in terms of the benefits in
physical collaboration...

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