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Hey Sloop, welcome to the list ^_^

On 09/01/14 02:59, Sloop wrote:
> On 9/01/2014 11:03 am, Moritz wrote:
>> As Johannes pointed out, he put considerable amount into
>> developing such an event platform. It is not deployed, but the
>> code is available at 
>> https://github.com/cryptoparty/cryptoparty.in (including an old 
>> screenshot). If you're interested, we can work on finally getting
>> this off the ground. Or do you have something else in mind?
> This is awesome, and exactly the kind of thing I had in mind.

Ok great let's do this!

> unfamiliar with Python development, but I will attempt to get this 
> running and we can go from there. Does Johannes/others involved in
> the webapp have the mental bandwidth to make changes, improvements,
> keep working on it, etc?

I have invited Johannes for a call next week to discuss this further
but I can personally confirm that I have the mental bandwidth to work
on this for the next two weeks- that should get this thing off the ground.

I will take a quick pass over the code and outstanding issues today
and another deeper look at the code this weekend. I have a little
debian box at the hackerspace / c-base for hackathons etc which can be
used for local dev / testing.

I would happily contribute to it but the Python
> learning curve will slow me down - I could also reach out to the 
> community here in Melbourne to come over to Electron Workshop and
> work on the code - this may be advantages in terms of the benefits
> in physical collaboration...

I think it is a great idea if you can outreach for more developers to
lend a hand at the local hackerspace. I will do that same at c-base
here in Berlin.

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