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sloop at cryptoparty.org sloop at cryptoparty.org
Tue Mar 4 02:21:06 GMT 2014


> Hey sloop!
> Thanks again for the wildcard for *.cryptoparty.org. I did not yet roll
> out the wikis, as we have to coordinate for the SSL certificate. You
> should set up postmaster, webmaster and hostmaster@ , and then we have
> to be online at the same time so I can have StartSSL send the
> authentication token, and you pass me the authentication token so I can
> generate the cert. The token expires after some minutes, so we have to
> be synchronized for that.

No worries - I have just setup forwarders for hostmaster, postmaster  
and webmaster @ cryptoparty.org which forward directly to your email  
address. I've just sent a test - please let me know if you haven't  
received this. This will allow you to do the SSL stuff when it suits  
you, without having to coordinate timezones with me.

> The template that I will use for each country is at
> https://template.crypto-party.org/ for review. (I still have to change
> the list URLs)

Do you mean template.crypto-party.org or template.cryptoparty.org?

> The lists will be hosted at lists.cryptoparty.org. Sloop, can you set A
> and MX records for that host to Thanks!

This has also been done - any issues please let me know.

Cheers! -Sloop

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