[cp-global] cryptoparty.in and SSL

p + ppcrypto at yandex.com
Sun Mar 9 07:11:15 GMT 2014

ml at enteig.net:
> Hi all,
> there are reports that https://cryptoparty.in does not load in some
> configurations of browsers.
> If you cannot reach https://cryptoparty.in please report this to – I
> don't know, I guess I can collect and sort it before forwarding to
> the admins – me <ml at enteig.net>.

Loads fine using Tor Browser (TBB

> Same is true for posting to mailing lists with Thunderbird+TorBirdy.
> We found this on several occations not working with specific email
> providers, but would like more data on that. So if you use TorBirdy
> and get error messages, please screenshot them immediately and share
> (again, to me as long as nobody else volunteers: <ml at enteig.net>).

Sending this using Thunderbird 24.3.0 and TorBirdy 0.1.2.

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