[cp-global] cryptoparty.org lists

Sloop sloop at cryptoparty.org
Mon Mar 17 06:43:23 GMT 2014

> On 03/03/2014 08:09 PM, Moritz wrote:
>> The lists will be hosted at lists.cryptoparty.org. Sloop, can you set A
>> and MX records for that host to Thanks!
> Actually, we decided to use the following list format:
> ($cc = ISO country code)
> $cc-discuss@$cc.cryptoparty.org (requires subscription, public archive)
> A few people on IRC agree that we should drop the idea of a second list
> that is open to email from non-subscribers, without archive. (-inquiry)
> sloop, for this to work, you have to set up:
> lists.cryptoparty.org A
> *.cryptoparty.org MX
> (Server location: Romania; sponsored and managed by kaie)
> Your main MX record for cryptoparty.org will not be affected.
Any apologies, I totally missed this email - I just made this DNS change 
for you - please let me know if there are any issues. Kind regards from 


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