[cp-global] countries or languages?

Kai Engert kaie at kuix.de
Mon Mar 24 13:40:06 GMT 2014

On Mi, 2014-03-05 at 10:25 +0100, Moritz wrote: 
> Hmm, this is a tough decision and we should get more input before we decide.

We got only little feedback, but the majority of comments seem to prefer
the approach "one per country".

I propose we go ahead with the original proposal, one wiki and one
mailing list per country, at the cryptoparty.org domain.

wiki: (countrycode).cryptoparty.org

mailing list: (countrycode) @ (countrycode).cryptoparty.org

(The use of sub-domains will allow us to transfer the wiki and lists to
infrastructure organized by regional groups, if requested.)

In addition, we could offer language-specific mailing lists, which can
be used by anyone who speaks the language, independent of the country. I
suggest to host them at cryptoparty.is for redudancy/backup purposes,
and because we already host global-level lists on that domain:

additional mailing list: (language-name) @ cryptoparty.is

(Not adding a list for english, because we already have the "global" and
"debate" lists that use english.)


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