[cp-global] Restarting the countries and languages discussion

Kai Engert kaie at kuix.de
Mon Mar 24 18:43:15 GMT 2014


- drop the idea of country wikis.
- use language wikis. Use the same set of languages, and the same
  two-letter language codes as used by wikipedia.
- still use country mailing lists, for regional/local coordination.
- avoid ambiguity. Don't use two-letter codes for countries. 
  Instead, use three-letter codes for countries.

Longer explanation:
In today's discussions on the IRC channel, there has been additional
support for the idea that WIKIs should be LANGUAGE specific (independent
of region).

Language-specific Wiki Domain:

However, mailing LISTS should still be COUNTRY specific (enabling
regional coordination).

Country-specific Mailing list:
    (country-id) @ (country-id).cryptoparty.org

There has been the question, which languages to use, and which codes
(abbreviations) to use for languages and countries.

Also, we should avoid ambiguity. We'll require separate domains for
languages and countries.

There are many languages in the world. We should restrict the set of
wikis to the major ones. One suggestion is: Only use languages which are
big enough to have been assigned a two-letter language code.

The use of two-letter language codes seems reasonable, because wikipedia
has used the same approach. If we reuse that principle, people will
immediately understand it.

In order to avoid ambiguity, we need different identifiers for country
subdomains and the country mailing lists.

The proposal is to use the three-letter country codes.

Giving an example, let's look at Portual and Brazil, who both use the
Portuese language. We'd setup the following:

Only one wiki:

Two mailing lists:
    bra [at] bra.cryptoparty.org
    prt [at] prt.cryptoparty.org

This would mean about 250 mailing lists (ISO 3166 ALPHA-3),
and around 136 wikis (ISO 639-2).


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