[cp-global] Restarting the countries and languages discussion

Kai Engert kaie at kuix.de
Tue Mar 25 11:14:04 GMT 2014

I've created the country specific mailing lists using the 3-letter
codes, as agreed.

In addition, I've also created language specific mailing lists, using
2-letter codes.

It doesn't hurt to offer both alternatives. We can see what people
prefer. Each list has an "information" page, that either says
"discussions in country" or "discussions in language independent of

Furthermore, there are two test lists xx and xxx, which you can use for

Finally, Sam had asked for the ability to "watch" for traffic on the
lists, without having to be a member of all the lists. For that purpose,
I've created two sibling lists. If you subscribe to "read-all-countries"
or "read-all-languages", you'll receive emails from all the other lists.
Note that you cannot post to the read-all lists, attempting to do so
will result in an error message. If you want to participate in the
discussion of a country or a language-specific list, you must subscribe
to that particular list.

Please test and give feedback if there's anything wrong.


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