[cp-global] Looking for hosting for cryptoparty.in wiki

Moritz Bartl moritz at headstrong.de
Thu Jun 7 07:43:49 GMT 2018


My old server is dying, and we need a new good home for the
cryptoparty.in dokuwiki.

The technical requirements are modest, it does not even necessarily need
its own IP address but can live in a VM behind some HTTPS gateway.
Storage requirements are 5GB, better 10GB to be safe, and since it is
mostly text the traffic requirements are generally very low, too. Good
connectivity and fast CPU of course is a plus.

I am interested in something permanent, in the hands of good people, in
a good location. So not the random "I have a cheap OVH virtual machine"
or "Kimsufi box" please.

Please let me know off-list what you got, how long you plan to keep it
around, how long you have been doing this kind of stuff. Thanks!


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