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Sun Oct 21 20:03:00 GMT 2018


I think it's time to start organizing our assembly space at 35C3 in
Leipzig this year. I began by creating this year's page in our wiki [1].
Of course this will be updated wherever necessary by whoever want to
update it.

I'm already working on getting us a bit of space in the "Rights &
Freedom" cluster (same as last year) but with the difference that the
whole cluster will be moved to (probably) either the general assembly
space or last year's podcaster space. I'll let you know once I have more

My experience is that we don't have too much foot traffic at the
assembly itself while our self-organized sessions on the other hand
tended to be full to the last chair.
Hence I think it makes a lot of sense to start thinking about sessions
especially for anyone considering to offer one. You can add it to the
general event calendar once the registration of self-organized sessions
opened (will be announced at [2]) and please think about adding to our
session list (see [3]), too.

Trying to increase traffic at the assembly itself we should try to make
stand out in whatever way we want. I for one will bring stickers and
(roll-up) bannes in different sizes. If there is anything you'd like to
bring, please do.

Anything else that people would like to see happen at the assembly or
anything you think we shouldn't do?


[1] https://www.cryptoparty.in/35c3
[2] https://events.ccc.de
[3] https://www.cryptoparty.in/35c3#sessions

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