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Dawning Sun dawning_sun at mailbox.org
Thu May 23 20:18:00 GMT 2019

Dear CryptoParty community,

the ticket sale for CCC camp is now open. To get a ticket you need a
voucher and I happen to have gotten some. Please send me an email if you
need on. I'll be offline this weekend so please be patient.

Here's the english info email that came with the vouchers:



finally, the time has come: This year, Chaos Communication Camp will
take place in Mildenberg from 21st until 25th of August.

Camp is different from Congress, in many regards: We plan to only sell
tickets via vouchers. If we do not sell out this way, there might be an
additional open sale of remaining tickets. There won't be any angel
vouchers either, just the replicating vouchers for groups from the chaos
ecosystem – such as yourselves.  For updates, keep an eye on

As such a group or their contact person (Cryptoparty), you are hereby
receiving a list of voucher codes which can be redeemed at
https://tickets.events.ccc.de starting today. The vouchers are valid
until no more tickets are left.

ATTENTION! Vouchers are not only good for regular tickets, you can also
use them to request a Friends ticket. Since Camp tickets are
significantly more expensive than Congress tickets, we ask you to inform
your friends about this option to receive a ticket at a reduced price.
At the same time, the camp will be a financially very tight event and we
ask you to encourage your friends to buy more expensive tickets if they
can afford it.

Your vouchers are replicating. This means: When redeeming them, you'll
be able to enter an email address which we will send another voucher to,
one or two days after we received payment for the first ticket order.
This continues indefinitely, as long as there are still tickets left.

Please spread the vouchers in your wider sphere of influence: They are
explicitly *not* intended only for your members, we expect that you will
also use them to help people in your social and geographical
surroundings who are not connected to other groups.


See you in Mildenberg,
Your Camp orga

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