[cp-global] Wiki/Website Access

Malte malte at wk3.org
Mon May 27 03:25:25 GMT 2019


we had some vandalism on friday, and I set access to read-only for the
anonymous user, and those who are not logged in, so, if in doubt, just
register a user account, and do the editing with this.

But we're gonna set things back to how they were, to see if it was just
a temporary thing, and go from there in a bit.

If everyone would check the recent changes every once in a while


that'd be cool. We could also give more people admin rights, so that
they could adapt the access control lists in case vandalism happens
again, or talk about adjusting the access settings in general (e.g.
front-page and sidebar editing only as logged-in users, or users of
a specific group).



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