[cp-global] Cryptoparty in 2019

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Mon Sep 2 12:40:17 GMT 2019

I guess everyone agrees, that the answers are "no", maybe not for the
last two.

Feel free starting to change that :)

What I could imagine is that someone(tm) organizes a Geekend / Hackathon
where we start updating the stuff - but it wont be done within a
weekend...I'd know plenty of spaces in DE/EU that we could use and I'd
even know an entity (CCC) that might be willing to contribute to the
travel and acco costs of the activists a bit.

sooooooo....? :D


On 9/1/19 9:14 PM, hostilius wrote:
> Friends, let's reflect on the project.
> Are the information and the resources provided by Cryptoparty still up
> to date?
> Have we gotten sufficient contributions to keep it that way?
> Does the web site and the handbook explain all the latest tools, apps
> and services that people in 2019 need to protect themselves?
> Does Cryptoparty still serve the purpose that was intended when it was
> started?
> Can Cryptoparty be recommended as the best place to learn about all the
> latest stuff?
> Take care.
> Hostilius
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