[cp-global] Tuesday -> LA Cryptoparty Live w/ Ken Montenegro

LA Cryptoparty cryptopartyla at riseup.net
Sat Jun 20 20:43:29 GMT 2020


This Tuesday, June 23rd @ 5pm PT, LA Cryptoparty <https://crypto.la/> will be streaming live for an hour. Our special guest will be Ken Montenegro <https://twitter.com/kmontenegro>, co-founder of Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Technology Directory at the Center for Constitutional Rights, and Vice President of the National Lawyers Guild.

We will be talking COVID contact tracing, surveillance, protesting and likely the Trump rally in Tulsa. We will be answering any and all of your questions so bring them to the livestream party.

Streaming live at https://www.twitch.tv/OKNO1STREAM/ <https://www.twitch.tv/OKNO1STREAM/> @ 5pm PT on Tuesday, June 23rd.

See you there!

LA Cryptoparty Crew
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