[cp-global] Growing the Cryptoparty Empire (Poll inside, please participate)

Moritz moritz at headstrong.de
Sat Aug 10 12:38:48 GMT 2013


At OHM2013, I proposed the following changes:

www.crypto-party.org new landing page (until we have control over
www.crypto-party.org/wiki/ global wiki
www.cryptoparty.in events calender

> Events Calendar
- currently at beta.cryptoparty.in
- allows for eg. cryptoparty.in/berlin

> Landing Page
- will show a static world map, where each country links to

> countrycode.crypto-party.org
- offers a wiki and a mailinglist for in-country coordination
- can be decentralized if people within the country want to take it over
(change A and MX records)
- (unfinished) template: http://template.crypto-party.org/

> Mailinglists
We will pre-create one mailing list per country.

Open Question: How should we call the mailing list? Three ideas:

# discuss at de.crypto-party.org
- we can decentralize by changing MX record

# de-discuss at crypto-party.org
- we centrally coordinate the lists and in case can set up forwards

# de-discuss at de.crypto-party.org
- might be less confusing for users to have the country in the username

Title prefix per list would be for this example [de-discuss] in all
three cases.

Another option would be "coordinate@" to reflect that the initial list
is about coordination within the country.

Please vote:


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