[cp-global] Growing the Cryptoparty Empire (Poll inside, please participate)

ml at enteig.net ml at enteig.net
Sat Aug 10 18:48:00 GMT 2013


On Sat, 10 Aug 2013, Moritz wrote:

> At OHM2013, I proposed the following changes:
> www.crypto-party.org new landing page (until we have control over
> cryptoparty.org)
> www.crypto-party.org/wiki/ global wiki
> www.cryptoparty.in events calender

I don't know if I support changing the main domain _again_. Or at least 
there has to be a way to sustain 
https://cryptoparty.in/documentation/handbook, because that page got 
linked a lot (e.g. Spiegel Online and dpa).

Or, to conclude my train of thought, I support it under the condition 
that the 404-page for cryptoparty.in is designed _really good_.

The rest sounds really good and I am glad we are heading there.



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