[cp-global] More cryptoparties in Berlin possible?

Hauke Laging hauke.laging at openpgp-schulungen.de
Sat Aug 31 12:32:00 GMT 2013

Am Fr 30.08.2013, 23:02:07 schrieb MeI:

> We have been doing Cryptoparties in Frankfurt/Main for at least once a
> month since last December, regardless of any template.
> So, not quite sure what your point is here

I think that it is really obvious that it is an advantage if events are 
announced on the official site. Of course, it is possible that events take 
place somewhere without being announced. And it is also possible to get in 
touch with the local community without the Cryptoparty site by using your 
favourite search engine. But it is not the preferable way.

And it seems really strange to me to point at Berlin saying "There is so few 
on the page" but to argue with respect to other cities "There are events which 
are not on the page".

> - if Berlin is active,
> great. I guess that's what Jochim wants to larify

No, that was not the point of the email. The point was: Is one big event every 
two months enough? Just to get the numbers right: In order to change Germany 
we have to teach ebout 50,000 people in Berlin per year. I.e. we need ONE 
HUNDRED events of my small, weekly kind EVERY WEEK. In other words: What we 
all are currently doing is ridiculous from a quantitative perspective.

Thus it is not enough, of course. But Berlin is not the problem. If somebody 
wants to get a regular Cryptoparty running then he should search for a city 
which doesn't have any yet. On the other hand: If you know somebody qualified 
in Berlin then tell him to do a regular Cryptoparty (or at least a regular 
specialized workshop). We have suitable rooms for that. Currently there is a 
lack of instructors but after the semester break we will collect (I hope) a 
lot of them directly at the universities and after the federal elections even 
on the streets.

> May I add that we've been very happy with the cooperation with the
> Cologne/Bonn cryptoparty activities, it has been pretty enriching, so
> there's nothing wrong in reaching out across our own regional
> boundaries ;)

It would be very strange if I of all people would say anything against 
supraregional cooperation given that I have offered here weeks ago to give 
initial courses in other cities (and have already done so).

I just consider it quite inappropriate to point at Berlin and indicate that 
this would be the area where to go in order to help given the amount and 
qualitiy of the events there and of the input from there.

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