[cp-global] More cryptoparties in Berlin possible?

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Re: [cp-global] More cryptoparties in Berlin possible?
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Hauke Laging wrote:
>> Even in the Cologne-Bonn area with

>> only a handful of activists we were able to offer up to three parties in
>> one week (in different locations, of course)

> "three parties in one week" – every week? 

Please quote me correctly. I wrote "up to". Besides, Cologne has 1 million people, Bonn roughly 330,000. The rest is spread over a large area with a completely different infrastructure than Berlin. Berlin has one of Germany's best organized and most active IT communities. That's why the Congress was there for years, that's why the Berlin Pirate Party was the first to succeed in an election, that's why many important bloggers and podcasters come from Berlin. It's not the number of people living in a certain area that counts. It's the number of activists, and I'm quite sure the Berlin pool is bigger.

> I just had a look at the Köln-Bonn page. It's telling me nothing at all on the 
> cities list page and only one event on the actual page. On September, 20th. 

  lists another event in Cologne, right next to your regular announcment. Old events and cryptoparties with a political background are not listed. Due to family affairs in the orga team we had an outage for the last two weeks. 

> You really think that Berlin needs help from Köln-Bonn?

No, that's why I wrote:

>> In our area we're following the idea of a "cryptoparty on tour" which basically means that we send >> some experienced crypto-angels to an event in order to give people an idea how to proceed later 
>> events. I don't think that this is necessary in Berlin.

> I think: If whoever comes to Berlin in order to do a Cryptoparty then the 
> Berlin organisers will warmly welcome them, announce that event on their 
> mailing lists, attend to it and, of course, offer them to help them generate 
> good OpenPGP keys.

As I said: I don't think that anyone of us is facing a knowledge issue. I'm simply reacting to a request I received asking for more events. Maybe the situation is much better and there are lots of cryptoparties taking place in the next weeks, but then the question remains how they can be found more easily.

> And nonetheless that would obviously be a more than stupid idea.

Fully agreed.
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