[CryptoParty] Uploading files to the wiki

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Sun May 12 17:59:29 GMT 2013


On Sun, 12 May 2013, Lara Schartau wrote:

> Just as a short info: I'm kind of translating discussions within our
> group to this ML. I myself am not that aware of what is going on at
> cryptoparty.org, so I'm sorry if I'm getting something wrong or so ...

I guess it would be possible to discuss in german, if needed, too.

> Anyway, my group would like to use cryptoparty.org as it's an
> international page bringing together all cryptoparty initiatives world
> wide. Everyone can see what's going on in other places - which is
> encouraging and potentially helps for networking among the initiatives.
> My group thus is sceptical about dividing cryptoparty.org into many
> different sites. There are so many useful infos, reports etc uploaded on
> the page providing orientation for activists new to the topic but also
> establishing good reputation for the movement.
> So I - without being able to contribute to this aim, sorry - would argue
> for strengthening the page, for instance by establishing higher barriers
> for the registration. This would maybe help to impede attackers from
> creating pseudo accounts.

The situation is like this: Some guy in Melbourne registered 
cryptoparty.org and set up a Mediawiki. After that he has had no time to 
do jack. He also is not willing to give anybody the rights to do jack. 
But I impute that he is actually quite a nice person, so he would not 
hesitate to redirect the domain cryptoparty.org to anybody who would be 
willing to host a mediawiki on her own server *hint* *hint*.
Moving the contents would be really easy (and a nice opportunity to 
clean it up a bit).

So yes, I am for strengthening cryptoparty.org. But this is done best by 
distributing the workload.

> To the content: I think my colleagues had the idea to write some German
> DIY pages as well as developing a suitcase filled with cryptoparty stuff
> which can be sent around in Germany. I think there are also flyers etc...

Cool. If it is plain-text, it could be put on the wiki as is. Pictures 
could be uploaded to imgur, PDFs to Scribd, zipfiles made into torrents 
or hosted at http://hostb.org/ and then linked back into the wiki, even 

Considering the suitcase: Surprise me, but I have seen it in other 
projects that this does not work so well because of parcel costs and 
effort in maintenance. What works really well on the other hand, is a 
checklist on how to compile such a suitcase (:



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