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I think it's definitely worth finding out more about who's currently
holding cryptoparty.org - and perhaps even transfer it, if the current
"owner" agrees. We thought that the website went to Samthetechie but it
appears, he also doesn't admin the site from what we could find out. So
we are looking to go back to source ...

I also think it's a great idea to work on some more relevant material.
The cryptoparty handbook was a good start, but working on some material
to use for practical sessions, promotional stuff etc. is also helpful.
Cryptoparty Brussels had some great slides to work with, for example -
so being able to upload and share that sort of material as public domain
could help those who might otherwise feel not quite "up to the task".

We had a discussion on how to structure a cryptoparty "educational site"
for Frankfurt a while ago but haven't really followed up on it as we
kept adding related, but not crypto-specific content. So I'd be happy to
join any discussion or even preparation of materials that we might want
to share and use.

Lara, if there is anything I can contribute, let me know. Perhaps we can
add some of our base material from Cryptoparty Frankfurt ...


On 05/12/2013 06:59 PM, ml at enteig.net wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, 12 May 2013, Lara Schartau wrote:
>> Just as a short info: I'm kind of translating discussions within our
>> group to this ML. I myself am not that aware of what is going on at
>> cryptoparty.org, so I'm sorry if I'm getting something wrong or so ...
> I guess it would be possible to discuss in german, if needed, too.
>> Anyway, my group would like to use cryptoparty.org as it's an
>> international page bringing together all cryptoparty initiatives world
>> wide. Everyone can see what's going on in other places - which is
>> encouraging and potentially helps for networking among the initiatives.
>> My group thus is sceptical about dividing cryptoparty.org into many
>> different sites. There are so many useful infos, reports etc uploaded on
>> the page providing orientation for activists new to the topic but also
>> establishing good reputation for the movement.
>> So I - without being able to contribute to this aim, sorry - would argue
>> for strengthening the page, for instance by establishing higher barriers
>> for the registration. This would maybe help to impede attackers from
>> creating pseudo accounts.
> The situation is like this: Some guy in Melbourne registered
cryptoparty.org and set up a Mediawiki. After that he has had no time to
do jack. He also is not willing to give anybody the rights to do jack.
But I impute that he is actually quite a nice person, so he would not
hesitate to redirect the domain cryptoparty.org to anybody who would be
willing to host a mediawiki on her own server *hint* *hint*.
> Moving the contents would be really easy (and a nice opportunity to
clean it up a bit).
> So yes, I am for strengthening cryptoparty.org. But this is done best
by distributing the workload.
>> To the content: I think my colleagues had the idea to write some German
>> DIY pages as well as developing a suitcase filled with cryptoparty stuff
>> which can be sent around in Germany. I think there are also flyers etc...
> Cool. If it is plain-text, it could be put on the wiki as is. Pictures
could be uploaded to imgur, PDFs to Scribd, zipfiles made into torrents
or hosted at http://hostb.org/ and then linked back into the wiki, even
> Considering the suitcase: Surprise me, but I have seen it in other
projects that this does not work so well because of parcel costs and
effort in maintenance. What works really well on the other hand, is a
checklist on how to compile such a suitcase (:
> Cheers!
> Malte
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