[cp-global] better ToC on www.cryptoparty.in/location

Hauke Laging hauke.laging at openpgp-schulungen.de
Sun Oct 6 21:45:43 GMT 2013


I think it doesn't make sense to limit the table of contents on 
www.cryptoparty.in/location to the highest headline level (i.e. continents). 
Imagine what this page will look like when the sections of other countries get 
more similar to that of Germany.

The main problem I see is that there are no obvious document-internal links to 
the country sections. The link www.cryptoparty.in/location#germany works but 
even I know that just incidentally. I tried to add such a link to the Germany 
heading but failed. Thus I added a separate line. But the besser solution 
would be to show the countries in the ToC.

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