[cp-global] more crypto presence on the web: blog campaign

Hauke Laging hauke.laging at openpgp-schulungen.de
Sun Oct 27 02:30:27 GMT 2013


for several weeks I have been searching for and contacting people who mention 
OpenPGP on their web site and asked them to add links to

1) pages with information for beginners
2) pages of teaching events (like www.cryptoparty.in/location#germany)
3) pages with suggestions how to support the propagation of crypto (like my 
German one http://www.openpgp-schulungen.de/fuer/unterstuetzer/ or the new 
international version in the KDE userbase wiki:

(I made the KDE page as a example link target for this feature request:
which I made for KMail, KGpg, GnuPG, enigmail and seahorse)

This has been more successful with private sites than with commercial ones. I 
have no idea why the reactions are not better. After all those who offer 
OpenPGP should be interested in its propagation.

I think it's time for the next step: (more) crypto presence on sites with much 
more traffic. Thus I plan to contact (German non-IT) bloggers with a big 

I send this email in order to ask if anyone is interested in helping with this 
(e.g. by participation in the preparations or by personal contact to such 


☺ http://www.openpgp-schulungen.de/
XMPP (Chat mit OTR): hauke.laging at googlemail.com
XMPP (Chat mit OTR): hauke.laging at jabber.ccc.de
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