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Samuel Carlisle samuelcarlisle at gmail.com
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Great ideas, lets cross post here: http://cryptoparty.blogspot.co.uk/

We need a procedure to review content before posted. Thoughts?

On 27 October 2013 03:30, Hauke Laging
<hauke.laging at openpgp-schulungen.de>wrote:

> Hello,
> for several weeks I have been searching for and contacting people who
> mention
> OpenPGP on their web site and asked them to add links to
> 1) pages with information for beginners
> 2) pages of teaching events (like www.cryptoparty.in/location#germany)
> 3) pages with suggestions how to support the propagation of crypto (like my
> German one http://www.openpgp-schulungen.de/fuer/unterstuetzer/ or the new
> international version in the KDE userbase wiki:
> http://userbase.kde.org/Concepts/OpenPGP_Help_Spread
> (I made the KDE page as a example link target for this feature request:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=326476
> which I made for KMail, KGpg, GnuPG, enigmail and seahorse)
> This has been more successful with private sites than with commercial
> ones. I
> have no idea why the reactions are not better. After all those who offer
> OpenPGP should be interested in its propagation.
> I think it's time for the next step: (more) crypto presence on sites with
> much
> more traffic. Thus I plan to contact (German non-IT) bloggers with a big
> audience.
> I send this email in order to ask if anyone is interested in helping with
> this
> (e.g. by participation in the preparations or by personal contact to such
> bloggers).
> CU
> Hauke
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