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Hauke Laging hauke.laging at openpgp-schulungen.de
Thu Oct 31 02:39:44 GMT 2013

Am Mo 28.10.2013, 17:45:41 schrieb Samuel Carlisle:
> Great ideas, lets cross post here: http://cryptoparty.blogspot.co.uk/

> > http://userbase.kde.org/Concepts/OpenPGP_Help_Spread

This page could be linked (or its contents copied) to the "Spread!" submenu on 

The menu entry could be something like "What everyone can do".

These suggestions are not independent of the technology thus it may be a good 
idea to offer another menu level (not necessarily within the real menu; that 
can be done on the linked page):

• How OpenPGP users can help propagate OpenPGP
• How Tor users can help...

I think I already made this suggestion some months ago but at that time the 
content was not available yet.

BTW, for the German speakers: I am not sure whether this is rather success or 
failure... The Pirate Party in NRW (the biggest German Federal Land) has 
discussed a proposal of mine yesterday:


point 5.2 ("#92324 / keine Erwähnung von Kryptografie auf Euren 


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