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to translate that to the english reader and compact it for the german 

One of the reasons CryptoParty works and spreads so well is, that it is 
a great name. But in order to succeed in circumventing the surveillance 
state we need people to use free and open source software. With 
CryptoParties alone we can not pull this off. There is just not enough 

Hauke's proposal is to start a neighbourly kind of event under the name 
"Open Source Sundays", which works in the modes of CryptoParty, but 
does not focus on Crypto but FLOSS in general.

Kind of on-topic: In the appendix of the CryptoParty Handbook thee is a 
text titled "The necessity of Open Source" and attached to this email 
the briefer version which seeded it.


Please give it a read and send in comments – either directly via github 
[1] or by email.

Thank you very much and have a good day,


1: https://github.com/cryptoparty/handbook
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