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Am Di 10.09.2013, 12:30:08 schrieb Samuel Carlisle:
> Hauke, I have missed the point. What do you mean by "open source
> sundays – attention by a brand"?

In addition to Malte's explanation:

To reach its current public state the Cryptoparty movement had to achieve two 

a) create the supply

b) create public interest / media coverage

Keep in mind that there was no change to the image of the quality of 
cryptography. What has changed is the image of the combination "crypto & IT 

The open source community does not lack the supply of know-how or even events 
to get it. OSS does not have a quality image problem either. Like crypto OSS 
(especially Linux) has a severe "OSS & IT laypersons" image problem.

The idea is that a similar public effect may be reached by adding the rather 
small missing part of a brand on that side. Make the general public aware of 
help offerings for IT laypersons. The consciousness for the "general need" for 
OSS has already turned into being (together with that for crypto and 
anonymity), need be increased, of course.

If someone made a crypto teaching event without calling it Cryptoparty then 
the general public (the media) would not notice that. The same if you make an 
event for teaching people how to use e.g. Linux.

I hope that this will change if you announce the event like "We teach the 
public how to do XY as preparation for the next open source sunday in 10 

The difference to Cryptoparty is that this brand would not refer to the 
teaching events. Cryptoparty is targeted at people who need to learn 
something. Open source sunday would target everyone. Also those people who do 
not need help for using Linux, who just don't do it because it is not 
comfortable for them or because they need Windows for a special purpose or 
whatever. Even by asking them to keep away from CSS operating systems once per 
month some attention for OSS is created.

This brand could be used for more than just teaching events. You could publish 
reports about "Which companies make it difficult (or especially easy) for you 
to use OSS?" or articles about "Should the government be legally forced to 
only use OSS?".

But the main usage would be offering help to interested people.

Of course, both at Cryptoparties and at open source sunday events the 
participants could easily be pointed at the other project.

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