[cp-global] Current discussion around Infrastructure

Moritz moritz at headstrong.de
Mon Sep 23 11:20:34 GMT 2013


You might remember that we want to set up country-specific wikis and a
mailinglist per country to "bootstrap" the movement across the globe. We
still haven't regained access to cryptoparty.org, and, worse, it might
expire. We're trying to get it, so before you take any action yourself
talk to us.

So, for the time being, we have cryptoparty.in and cryptoparty.is. As
you know, mailinglists are currently on cryptoparty.is, and the wiki is
on cryptoparty.in. We also have the new events calendar, which was
supposed to go on cryptoparty.in and the wiki moved to either /wiki or a
different domain altogether.

The current proposal is that we
 - launch *.cryptoparty.in country-specific wikis based on the template
currently at https://template.crypto-party.org/
 - launch lists.cryptoparty.is for the country-specific mailing lists
currently under testing at https://lists.crypto-party.org/

On IRC, the question was raised if we should not just use one domain to
lessen the confusion, instead of having lists on .is and wiki/calendar
on .in.

Anyway, I feel it is good to bring the list up to speed, not everyone is
reading IRC. If you have useful input on this, join our IRC channel.


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