[cp-global] Standard for publishing cryptographic information such as SSL Cert fingerprints and OTR Key fingerprints?

Johannes Fürmann johannes at weltraumpflege.org
Wed Sep 25 11:53:33 GMT 2013

Hi *,

Some people, including me [0] have published an "id.txt", i.e. a
GPG-signed file that includes all relevant information to verify
encrypted communication, provided the person that wants to contact them
has obtained their GPG keys out-of-band.

I wondered if any of you know whether there are already people working
on specifying a standard for all this, so that it is not only human- but
machine-readable, so that one can easily download a file, and if it's
verified, import the included keys into the browser, instant messenger, etc.

If not so, do you have any suggestions?


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