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shiro cryptoparty at systemli.org
Mon Dec 17 20:13:19 GMT 2018

Hi Crille & everyone,

As Crille and I already discussed, we at Nextcloud think it would be
nice to do a Nextcloud install workshop as a collaboration between the
two communities.

We'd provide the trainers, and if someone from CryptoParty wants to help
train you'd be welcome of course!

On the side, we could give you some input on all the ways you can train
Nextcloud at CryptoParties, including the easiest option we have for
beginners: Simple Signup (nextcloud.com/yourdata)

Crille said he's up for doing this with us and we discussed the format -
does anyone have something against this?

If we're doing this, let's try to pick a date/time that fits as many
people who want to join as possible, so Crille can put the date on the

I'd like to use this occasion to raise your attention on our new
"Nextcloud Include" program for diversity in Open Source:
nextcloud.com/include - please spread the word!



On 12/4/18 1:54 PM, Dawning Sun wrote:
> Hi,
> here's some updates regarding the current planning status.
> === Tickets ===
> Tickets for Congress are officially out (all 16.000) but maybe someone
> has a spare one and we could help finding someone else still looking?
> === Assembly ===
> We ([1]) will again be part of the same cluster as last year:
> about:freedom ([2]) (used to be: Rights & Freedom).
> The location is different from last year though so that we'll get a lot
> more foot traffic and visibility. We'll be in MFZ 3/4 which also houses
> one of the Congress info points and is on the way to the large hall
> housing most of the assemblies.
> We'll have stickers, banners and maybe even an illuminated CryptoParty
> logo ([3]).
> === Self-Organized Sessions ===
> Registration for the self-organized sessions hasn't opened yet so we
> still have a little bit of time to prepare titles and descriptions until
> then. Anyone wanting to organize any CryptoParty themed session, please
> do that.
> I'll make sure that we have a printed CryptoParty program again and
> that's it's spread all over the place, too.
> Please make sure to add any sessions to the list:
> https://www.cryptoparty.in/35c3#sessions ([4])
> === How Can I Help? ===
> Organize a self-organized session and add it to the list:
> https://www.cryptoparty.in/35c3#sessions ([4]).
> Consider spending some of your time at our assembly so people walking by
> can have a chat with us. This a nice opportunity to meet CryptoParty
> people from all over the world to exchange ideas and everything, too.
> Spread the word online and offline. Also keep in mind that not everyone
> in the CryptoParty community is on this mailing list and might not have
> heard about our assembly yet.
> Anything else CryptoParty related you can think of? Please do it!
> Ciao and see you in Leipzig,
> Crille.
> [1]
> https://signup.c3assemblies.de/assembly/b6f38d20-aecf-4b30-8d92-97b1c7488266
> [2]
> https://signup.c3assemblies.de/assembly/f7cf07f2-aabd-45d4-807e-b354088b7887
> [3] https://twitter.com/CryptoParty_/status/1054379261161889793
> [4] https://www.cryptoparty.in/35c3#sessions
> Dawning Sun:
>> Hi,
>> I think it's time to start organizing our assembly space at 35C3 in
>> Leipzig this year. I began by creating this year's page in our wiki [1].
>> Of course this will be updated wherever necessary by whoever want to
>> update it.
>> I'm already working on getting us a bit of space in the "Rights &
>> Freedom" cluster (same as last year) but with the difference that the
>> whole cluster will be moved to (probably) either the general assembly
>> space or last year's podcaster space. I'll let you know once I have more
>> details.
>> My experience is that we don't have too much foot traffic at the
>> assembly itself while our self-organized sessions on the other hand
>> tended to be full to the last chair.
>> Hence I think it makes a lot of sense to start thinking about sessions
>> especially for anyone considering to offer one. You can add it to the
>> general event calendar once the registration of self-organized sessions
>> opened (will be announced at [2]) and please think about adding to our
>> session list (see [3]), too.
>> Trying to increase traffic at the assembly itself we should try to make
>> stand out in whatever way we want. I for one will bring stickers and
>> (roll-up) bannes in different sizes. If there is anything you'd like to
>> bring, please do.
>> Anything else that people would like to see happen at the assembly or
>> anything you think we shouldn't do?
>> Ciao,
>> Crille.
>> [1] https://www.cryptoparty.in/35c3
>> [2] https://events.ccc.de
>> [3] https://www.cryptoparty.in/35c3#sessions
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